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Stefan Lanz

Date of Birth: 09.05.63
Nationality: Swiss
Degree: MSc Electrical Engineering (Federal Technical University ETH, Zurich, 1990)

Business career

2004 — ... Independent Consultant in own company: TeCo Technology Consulting Lanz GmbH

2001 — 2003 Vice President, BA Manager Products - Elektrobit AG
Scope of Work:
  • Product development responsible of PropSound radio channel sounder
  • Product marketing and sales reponsible
  • Contract R&D marketing and sales support provider

2000 — 2003 Co-Owner & Chairman of the Board - PDTech Power Engineering AG
Scope of Work:
  • Consulting in insulation systems and diagnostics
  • Support in interpreting diagnostic results

1996 — 2001 Head of Insulation Competence Center (ICC) for HV rotating machines, - ABB / Alstom Power (the ICC was acquired by Alstom Power in 2000, 1 year after merger)
Scope of Work
  • R&D in insulation systems and diagnostics for all types of rotating electrical machines (traction motors, DC motors, AC motors, turbogenerators, hydrogenerators)
  • Defining and performing dielectrical quality assurance in workshops and on site
  • Manufacturing and on site support
  • Diagnostic services provider
  • Consulting activities within ABB/ALSTOM as well as for third parties
  • Site feedback responsible, i.e. providing the information from site to the development departments

1994 — 1995 Head of Turbogenerator Order Engineering Dept. , ABB Power Generation, Switzerland
Scope of Work:
  • Full responsibility for customer specific designs.
  • On site support at workshops and on site for manufacturing and commissioning aspects.
  • Member of a team invited by the chinese government to assess complete powerplants evaluating retrofit and repowering possibilities of the most concerned components

1991 — 1993 Design Group Manager: Turbogenerator Stator Design Group - ABB Power Generation
Scope of Work:
  • Full design responsibility for air- and hydrogen as well as hydrogen/water cooled turbogenerator stators.
  • Manufacturing support for ABB companies as well as licensees.

1990 — 1991 Development Project Manager - ABB Power Generation
Scope of Work:
  • Project manager for running tests on aircooled turbogenerators
Publications (in excerpt)

Fruth, B., Lanz, S., “Optimum Timing of Stator Winding Maintenance Based on a Combination of On-Line Partial Discharge Measurements and Visual Inspections”, IEEE CEIDP 2006, Oct. 15 .. 18, 2006

Bertheau, T., Fuglister, T., Lanz, S., “Advanced partial discharge analysis techniques on generators and motors”, Conduction and Breakdown in Solid Dielectrics, 1998. ICSD '98. Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE 6th International Conference on , 22-25 June 1998, Pages:181 - 184

S. Lanz, B. Zimmerli, R. Joho, R. de Pietro, H. Pfisterer, “Condition based Up-rating of Turbogenerators”,
CIGRE/IEEE/EPRI Conference, Sept. 99, Orlando FL

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Memberships and Activities

Since 1986, Status: Member
SEV (Swiss Electrotechnical Association) Since 1986

IEC During 1996 .. 2001:
Member of TK2 (Swiss TC2 representative committee)
Member of TC2/WG25 “Rewinding & Refurbishing”
Convenor of TC2/WG27 “Dielectric Stress on Converter Fed Motors” (2000 – 2001)
TeCo Lanz GmbH
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